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Refurbished Blaupunkt BLUEBOT XSMART Robotstofzuiger Zwart

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With this product you save 🌱3600 grams of e-waste 🌱
✅ Refurbished Blaupunkt XSMART Robot vacuum cleaner
✅ 24 months warranty
✅ Includes all accessories
✅ More than 50 points tested
✅  Re-Factory quality mark
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Refurbished Blaupunkt BLUEBOT XSMART Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black


The Refurbished Blaupunkt BLUEBOT XSMART Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black vacuums and thoroughly mops all dirt, dust and hair. It is also possible to clean in difficult places for this robot vacuum cleaner. With the Blaupunkt App it is possible to set up and operate the robot vacuum cleaner. 

Mapping function of the Refurbished Blaupunkt XSMART Robot vacuum cleaner

With the Mapping function, it is possible to clean any room with high efficiency without missing any spots. This all happens with the range of 1 battery charge. A thorough cleaning up to 180m2.


The robot vacuum cleaner has 5 different cleaning programs: edge, area (in zig-zag), random, intensive cleaning and mopping. It can be operated with the BluebbotXS App.

Cleaning with two nozzles

With 1 battery charge, the vacuum cleaner can thoroughly clean up to 180 m2. There are two different nozzles for cleaning. A squeegee with rotating brush for cleaning carpets or floors that are extremely dirty. And the normal squeegee that’s perfect for cleaning smooth floor surfaces without hair getting stuck.

BLDC motor

The robot vacuum cleaner has a high suction power of up to 35 watts, this is a BLDC motor. It has three times the power of a conventional electric motor.

HEPA filter

The device is bagless and includes a HEPA filter that uses high pressure and pressure. This way, the dirt is compressed in the collection tray into a block. HEPA filters in the collector ensure that fine dust is not re-dispersed into the air.

Operation of Refurbished Blaupunkt BLUEBOT XSMART Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black

Infrared sensor can detect dust and dirt in the hard-to-reach places in your home where dirt often accumulates. With the remote control, it is comfortable and easy to operate the robot vacuum from anywhere in your room. The digital display ensures easy use, you can also set a day and week program.


  • 1 refurbished Blaupunkt Bluebot XSMART vacuum robot
  • 1 charging station with 1 power supply
  • 1 remote control + 2 batteries
  • 1 dust container
  • 1 normal suction nozzle
  • 1 brush suction nozzle
  • 2 HEPA filters
  • 4 side brushes
  • 2 magnetic strips
  • 1 primary filter
  • 1 water tank

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  1. SebastiaanDielen

    Top product, zie er goed en schoon uit. Product werkt ook naar behoren!

  2. HJ VD Ven

    Miste helaas 2 borsteltjes. Contact opgenomen met de klantenservice, deze zijn vervolgens netjes na gestuurd! Algemene staat van de Xsmart robostofzuiger is goed!

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