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We believe consumer electronics should live longer in order to reduce our carbon footprint


We give returned consumer electronics a second life by re-furbishing and re-reselling.

Our promise

We reduce the carbon footprint of your company with easy additional product!

Our services


Is the package of a product damaged. We repack it is a new box.


We sell the refurbished product through our online retail channels. Our specialised team makes sure you get the best price for the refurbished electronics.


We do in/out-warranty repair of consumer electronics.


Our technical team is specialised in refurbishing all kinds of electronics. Robot vacuum cleaners, tablets, smartphones or speakers, our team can handle it.


We check all the returned products. After checking all the products will get the Re-Factory Quality Certificate. This way we ensure quality to the enduser of the product.


We Re-Grade every product after is has been refurbished. We Re-Grade the products according to the cosmetic damage not quality. The quality of the product is always the same.